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Restoring the Soul of the World: Our Living Bond with Nature’s Intelligence by David Fideler

Restoring the Soul of the World explores the ancient idea of living nature, how it went into eclipse with the mechanistic worldview of the scientific revolution, and how the idea of nature’s intelligence now returning in contemporary thought.

The book also investigates the relationship between worldview and culture, and what it means to have a deeply living relationship with the world.

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The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library: An Anthology of Writings Which Relate to Pythagoras and Pythagorean Philosophy. Edited and introduced by David Fideler.

Pythagoras is one of the towering figures in Western thought — a key figure in ancient Greek philosophy, mathematics, and spirituality. The first man to call himself a philosopher or “lover of wisdom,” he was also the first to call the universe a cosmos or “beautiful order.”

The Pythagorean Sourcebook and Library contains a complete introduction to Pythagorean thought, the four ancient biographies of Pythagoras, and over twenty-five Pythagorean and Neopythagorean writings from the ancient world.

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Jesus Christ, Sun of God: Ancient Cosmology and Early Christian Symbolism by David Fideler

The ancient Christian symbolism depicting Jesus as the “Spiritual Sun” and the Logos did not arise out of a vacuum but drew on earlier Greek sources.

A groundbreaking study, Jesus Christ, Sun of God explores the cosmological symbolism present in early Christian thought, and documents the surprising pagan, scientific, and philosophical sources from which this symbolism originated.

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Love’s Alchemy: Poems from the Sufi Tradition. Translated by David and Sabrineh Fideler

The thirteenth-century poet Rumi is just one voice in the poetry of Sufism, the timeless Persian mystical tradition. Translated directly from the Persian, the poems and epigrams collected in Love’s Alchemy represent all of the major poets, including Rumi, of this magnificent art.

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ALEXANDRIA: Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth, and Culture. Edited by David Fideler

Published in book form, the ALEXANDRIA journal published articles by leading contributors on the intersections between cosmology, worldview, philosophy, myth, and culture.

Copies of ALEXANDRIA 1–5 are still available from Amazon in the United States, but some are now becoming collector’s items.

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