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David Fideler

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The place where we connect with the greater world is that point where the inner and the outer worlds meet. Let’s meet there . . .

I’ve worked as an editor and book publisher, a college professor, an educational consultant, and the director of a humanities center.

But the burning questions, which have always driven me, are these:

  • What is needed to live a truly flourishing life?

  • How can we have a dynamic, living relationship with the greater world, of which we’re a part?

  • How can we live with greater depth, insight, and understanding?

Living with Depth

I’ve studied ancient religions and philosophies, the history of science, and hold a PhD in philosophy and intellectual history. Yet in modern times, most philosophy has become a dead way of looking at the world.

But it wasn’t always that way. For the ancient Greeks — like Socrates, Plato, and the Stoics — philosophy was rooted in friendship, and was also a journey. It was a way of traveling together, in friendship, to discover deeper truths about the world and about our own human nature.

Throughout my work, I’ve attempted to build bridges between the world of learning and contemporary life — and to extend these ancient ideas of learning and knowledge into the present.

Please join me in this journey. Together, in friendship, we can work to bring philosophy back to life, and learn live in deeper, more life-engaging ways.

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“The very first thing philosophy promises us is fellow-feeling, a sense of community with others.” — Seneca





Living Nature

Living Nature






Restoring the Soul of the World: Our Living Bond with Nature’s Intelligence

Restoring the Soul of the World is the only book to trace the ideas of living nature and nature’s intelligence from ancient times to the present and to explore how we can once again have a living relationship with the greater world.

“If humanity is to survive, David Fideler’s Restoring the Soul of the World provides us with the map for restoring our own souls and those of the planet with brilliance, clarity, and a love for human life and the life of nature.” — Sim Van der Ryn, coauthor of Ecological Design and Emeritus Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley

Restoring the Soul of the World goes beyond the goal of ‘sustainability’ to a new vision of our role here on Earth as renewing and regenerating a world that we feel emotionally committed to and want to care for and understand from a long-term view. This book is optimistic in the best way — based not just on hope or determination but on science, on an exciting array of successful solutions already being implemented and which could be expanded, and a daring kind of spiritual freedom rooted in the cosmos. This outlook could transform the world.” — Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack, authors of The New Universe and the Human Future

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